Since the time of the British Empire, the history of the UK has been linked to the history of India. As a result, Indian cuisine is now blended into English culture. So, you will find many Indian cuisines and contemporary fusion cuisines in England.

There is a huge Indian community that lives in England now. That’s also the reason for the growing number of Indian restaurants in England. So, if you visit England now, you can taste authentic Indian food there.

This site is about Indian restaurants in England. Here you will learn about the different restaurants and the food they serve. You will learn about the spices, flavours, and exotic tastes of Indian food. You will know why Indian cuisine is so unique and popular.

Here you will get reviews of the best Indian restaurants. This will help you to decide where you want to go for lunch or dinner. You will know about the common food that’s on the menu.

The names of the dishes may be unfamiliar to you and here we have provided a detailed explanation of the popular dishes so that you know what ingredients are included, the cooking method, and what flavour and taste you can expect.

This site allows you to learn about Indian spices and ingredients. You will get recipes of delicious Indian food from chefs of Indian restaurants so that you can try these recipes at home. The best Indian restaurants in England bring food from India and so you will get the authentic taste.

In this blog, we have invited many Indian chefs to share their experiences at the restaurant. You will know how the non-Indian guests react to the Indian dishes. You will also learn about some kitchen secrets from these chefs.

Apart from food, you will also learn about the drinks that are served in these restaurants. You will learn about Indian drinks that go well with certain Indian dishes. We hope you will find this site very informative, and you will gain a lot of knowledge about Indian restaurants in England.