Most Popular Indian Dishes in England

Most Popular Indian Dishes in England

You might be surprised to know that the first Indian restaurant was opened in England more than 200 years ago. As years passed, the English people developed a liking for Indian cuisine. Now, there are hundreds of Indian restaurants across England and some of them have earned the prestigious Michelin Star. Here are some of the most popular Indian dishes in England.

Chicken tikka masala

It is a bowl of roasted chicken chunks filled with spicy sauce. The sauce is creamy, and you will love the texture and flavour of it. Chefs bring in some variation in the sauce and cream, as a result, this dish might taste a bit different in various Indian restaurants.

Malai Kofta

This is the meatball, but the vegetarian version of it. You can eat it with jeera rice or naan bread. At home, this dish is cooked for special occasions. But in Indian restaurants, this is part of the regular menu.

Butter chicken

This dish is formally known as murgh makhani. The dish is prepared by marinating the chicken chunks overnight in a spice mixture and yogurt. The spices include garlic, ginger, garam masala, lemon, coriander, cumin, chili, and turmeric. The chicken is cooked in a cylindrical clay oven or tandoor. You will love the creamy nature of this dish.

Rogan josh

This dish has a Persian origin and is one of the best Indian lamb dishes you will have. It is cooked in oil at high heat. It was first seen in Kashmir and the surrounding areas and now it’s popular all over the world.

Palak paneer

This is another famous vegetarian Indian dish. It includes spinach and paneer which is the Indian cottage cheese. It is cooked in a thick curry sauce and is considered to be a very common dish in Indian households.

Chole Bhatoora

This is a spicy chickpea curry that is served with fried Indian bread called bhatooras. You can have it as breakfast, afternoon snacks, or a meal. It is served with carrot pickle, onion, and green chutney.

You will find these Indian dishes on the menus of most of the Indian restaurants in England. The dishes are very popular, and you will love the taste.