Tips for Choosing Indian Food at a Restaurant

Tips for Choosing Indian Food at a Restaurant

If you are tired of eating fish and chips in England, then you should try eating at an Indian restaurant there. Indian restaurants are very popular in England as a large chunk of the population is now Indian.

If you are going to an Indian restaurant for the first time, then it can be very difficult to choose a menu. Indian food is spicy and has a unique flavour. It will be different from what you eat regularly. To make sure that you don’t eat something that you don’t like, here are some tips for choosing Indian food at an Indian restaurant in England.

Know the basics

In an Indian restaurant, you will find appetisers, rice and bread dishes, curries, desserts, and drinks. There is a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian section on the menu. This is because many Indian people are vegetarian. Most of the Indian dishes are a bit spicy. So, you can ask the waiter to know how spicy it would be.

Know some common food

In an Indian restaurant, the common appetisers are kebab, samoosa, and pakora to name a few. The main course is rice-based or flatbread-based. There will be curries of meat or vegetable. Desserts include milk-based dishes. You can have a beer or other drinks like tea or lassi here.

Order side dishes

You should order side dishes so that you can have an option in case you find the main dish to be too spicy. Side dishes will also add variety to your meal.

Use apps

You can use the free Wi-Fi in the restaurant to play online casino games at and also download Indian-food related app. Play a few online casino games like poker while you wait for your order.

These tips will help you to choose the right Indian dish when dining at an Indian restaurant in England. You will enjoy eating authentic Indian food.