Why Indian Food is so Popular in England

Why Indian Food is so Popular in England

You will hear a common phrase in England, ‘Are you going for a curry?’ This means whether you are going to have Indian food or not. Indian cuisine has a huge influence on English people, and it started in Victorian times.

Now, Indian dishes have a similar position as the popular English dishes fish and chips and shepherd’s pie. Here are some reasons why Indian food is now so popular in England.

The taste is exotic

Indian food has an exotic taste; nothing like you will find in the normal English restaurant menus. It is made with spices with which the English people are not familiar. These spices are not used to make English dishes.

So, it’s something different for them. An exotic flavour is created in the dish by blending lots of spices. This provides the uniqueness of the Indian dish.

The food is flavourful

You will notice that when you pick an Indian dish from the restaurant menu, the food has a lot of flavours which is not present in English food. The food has strong features and a spectrum of flavours.

It is healthy

There is so much diversity in a platter of Indian food. The dishes contain lots of vegetables and spices that are good for the body. The dishes often include superfoods like spinach, chickpeas, tomatoes, lentil, etc. which are rich in zinc, fiber, protein and folate. Even the common Indian yogurt drink ‘lassi’ is healthy.

Lots of varieties

The English people love tasting different kinds of food and Indian cuisine has a lot of varieties. In any Indian restaurant, you will see a menu full of different types of dishes which include vegetarian food, chicken, lamb, fish, and more. The choice of desserts and drinks is also plenty.

No wonder the English people love Indian food so much. They get to satisfy their taste buds by trying different types of Indian food.